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Terahertz Applications Group

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Terahertz Applications Group at PSSRC 2014 Ljubljana
We Presented at the 8th annual symposium of the Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.
A new method for prediction of amorphous drug stability
A new method for measuring of molecular mobility in glassy materials has been developed using terahertz spectroscopy. The absorption level of amorphous drugs ...
Presentation at Dielectic Spectroscopy Conference BDS 2014
CDT in Sensor Technologies and Application funded
One new centre providing postgraduate training approved by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC): CDT in Sensor Technologies and ...
CETIIB undergraduate research project successfully finished
08/06/2013: Miriam Franklin and Michael Sargent have successfully finished their CETIIB undergraduate research project on "Terahertz spectroscopy for polymer ...
Conference presentations at 2014 APSGB UKPharmSci meeting
We presented two posters and a talk at this year's annual meeting of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire.
Congratulations to Juraj for passing his viva!
Yesterday Juraj passed his viva for his PhD thesis on 'Terahertz spectroscopy of glasses and supercooled liquids'
Members of the Terahertz Applications Group Present Work in Glasgow, Scotland
Daniel Markl and Michael Ruggiero presented work at the 10th Annual World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, and Pharmaceutical Technology in Glasgow, ...
The Terahertz Application Group Welcomes New Members
The Terahertz Applications Group has undergone a dynamic shift over the past few months, as (now) former members have moved on to new positions and a new team ...
20 Years, Chemical Engineering Strikes Back
First dedicated chemical engineering conference was carried out by IChemE at Imperial College London
3rd Terahertz Spectroscopy Meeting
All current members of our group attended the 3rd Terahertz Spectroscopy Meeting organised by the Molecular Spectroscopy Group and the East Anglia Region of ...
Californication for the TAG Postdocs
Daniel and Mike headed to the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 2017 meeting in San Diego, California, where they discussed their current work.
Mike Hits Up Japan
Mike Ruggiero presented his latest research as an invited speaker at the MTSA2017 terahertz meeting in Okayama, Japan.
Axel Delivers Invited Lecture at IRDG 213
Axel presented a summary of terahertz applications to the Infrared and Raman Discussion Group meeting held at the Renishaw Headquarters in Gloucestershire
New Commercial Teraview Spectrometer Delivered
A brand new commercial terahertz spectrometer was delivered today. The instrument was built by local manufacturer Teraview Limited.
PRACE and CECAM Molecular Simulation Workshop in Dublin
Mike attended and presented work at a PRACE and CECAM sponsored workshop on high performance computing and molecular simulation in Dublin, Ireland in May. The ...
Group Members Attend the Rank Prize Funds Symposium on Terahertz Technologies
Axel and Mike, along with group alumnus Hungyen, delivered a series of lectures at the prestigious Rank Prize Funds Symposium on Terahertz Emitters and ...
TAG Welcomes Our New Members
The TAG expands in the new academic year. Let's welcome SIX new members: Amy, Anne, Moritz, Haseeb, Yuxin and Yue.
Let's Call September THE Month of Conferences
The TAG was adventuring around Europe in September to show our latest terahertz work. We were on the stage of OIE2019 (Tallinn), IRMMW-THz 2019 (Paris), ...
TAG Welcomes Two New PhD Students
The TAG welcomes Qi Li and Mohammed Al-Sharabi, who both started working on their PhD degrees this fall.
Summer Fun! TAG Swells in the Summer of 2017
We've welcomed four new group members this summer, three undergraduate research students and one masters student, who have been busy at work unravelling the ...
TAG Research is Most Downloaded in 90 Days
Research from the TAG group was listed as one of the 'Most Downloaded' articles in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics.
TAG First to Publish CC-BY Preprint on ChemRxiv
New research from the TAG group has appeared on the ChemRxiv preprint server, representing the very first submission to make use of the fully-open source CC-BY ...
Debye and THz absorption analysis of binary liquid mixtures
Probing hydrogen bonding in liquids in the THz region with Debye and absorption analysis
Editor's choice paper
A paper published by the Terahertz Applications Group earlier in the year was selected by the editors of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences as their pick ...
In-line Measurement of Film Coating Processes
Hungyen recently delivered an invited talk titled 'In-line Measurement of Film Coating Processes' as part of the'Expert of Solids' certification Seminar on ...
New paper: Evidence for a universal change in hydrogen bonding structure below the glass transition temperature
In our latest paper, just published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, we present data that indicates that the Johari-Goldstein secondary relaxation ...
New Paper in ACS Nano
Low-Bias THz Amplitude Modulator Based on Split-Ring Resonators and Graphene
New paper: Crystallisation and phase changes from amorphous paracetamol
We used terahertz spectroscopy to investigate the crystallisation and phase changes in paracetamol from the amorphous solid to the liquid phase
New paper published in Materials Horizons
Work on restricted intramolecular rotations of tetraphenylethylene was published in Materials Horizons, a new journal launched by the RSC earlier this year.