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Terahertz Applications Group

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

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Terahertz Spectroscopy

Terahertz spectroscopy is a very exciting technique for the physico-chemical characterisation of organic molecular crystals. By probing the hydrogen bonding networks and the phonon modes in molecular crystals the technique has a very high sensitivity to the supramolecular structure in solids.

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Terahertz Imaging

Terahertz radiation is unique in that it can penetrate into and through a number of materials, such as polymers, ceramics, and amorphous pharmaceutical excipients. Image or chemical data can be extracted from the reflected or transmitted radiation.

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We use complementary techniques to the terahertz measurements in order to resolve the microstructure of materials we analyse using terahertz radiation.

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Mike Hits Up Japan

Dec 13, 2017

Mike Ruggiero presented his latest research as an invited speaker at the MTSA2017 terahertz meeting in Okayama, Japan.

Californication for the TAG Postdocs

Dec 13, 2017

Daniel and Mike headed to the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 2017 meeting in San Diego, California, where they discussed their current work.

TAG Welcomes Two New PhD Students

Oct 26, 2017

The TAG welcomes Qi Li and Mohammed Al-Sharabi, who both started working on their PhD degrees this fall.

TAG First to Publish CC-BY Preprint on ChemRxiv

Aug 22, 2017

New research from the TAG group has appeared on the ChemRxiv preprint server, representing the very first submission to make use of the fully-open source CC-BY license.

TAG Research is Most Downloaded in 90 Days

Aug 22, 2017

Research from the TAG group was listed as one of the 'Most Downloaded' articles in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics.