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Terahertz Applications Group

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

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Terahertz Spectroscopy

Terahertz spectroscopy is a very exciting technique for the physico-chemical characterisation of organic molecular crystals. By probing the hydrogen bonding networks and the phonon modes in molecular crystals the technique has a very high sensitivity to the supramolecular structure in solids.

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Terahertz Imaging

Terahertz radiation is unique in that it can penetrate into and through a number of materials, such as polymers, ceramics, and amorphous pharmaceutical excipients. Image or chemical data can be extracted from the reflected or transmitted radiation.

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We use complementary techniques to the terahertz measurements in order to resolve the microstructure of materials we analyse using terahertz radiation.

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TAG Welcomes a New Visitor

Nov 21, 2016

Xudong Liu is visiting the TAG group for the next 6 months! Welcome to Cambridge and the TAG group!

End to a Great Conference Season

Nov 02, 2016

September was a busy month for the members of the TAG group! The group spent a majority of the month travelling around the world to present their work and catch up collaborators. The month was capped off by the annual IRMMW-THz meeting, which was held in Copenhagen this year.

New Research Into Crystalline Anharmonicity Published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Nov 02, 2016

The work showcases the ability of terahertz spectroscopy to probe temperature dependant changes in the low-frequency vibrational modes, and ultimately relates them to intermolecular anharmonicity.

Review Article Featured on Cover of European Pharmaceutical Review

Nov 02, 2016

A review of the pharmaceutical applications of Terahertz radiation written by members of the TAG group was recently featured on the cover of the European Pharmaceutical Review. Well done to everyone!

Farewell to Johanna

Nov 02, 2016

Johanna Sauerwein, an undergraduate student from Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany, has completed a highly productive three-month visit to the TAG group today. She was a valuable addition to the lab, and was a critical component of the research performed during her time. She effectively immersed herself in all areas of research, both on the imaging and spectroscopic sides. She will be sorely missed!